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Turkpidya, The first digital encyclopedia in Turkey. With millions of words and visitors Turkpidya is Pidya group first project.


Shoponlina, The second project launched by Pidya group. Shoponlina offers ultimate information for shopping everywhere around the world.


Therapidya, the third child of Pidya group.

therapidya is a health encyclopedia, that aims to provide simple to understand informative articles about health and medicine.

Britishpidya, is an encyclopedia about the United Kingdom in 14 languages. It’s designed with a user-friendly interface, making it easy to navigate the content and find the information you’re looking for.


UAEpidya, an online encyclopedia that covers everything about United Arab Emirates, convying to everyone around the wold the modern peacful country of UAE.

Under development

Qatarpidya is an encyclopedia for the nation noted for being a promising apital of athletic and cultural events, introducing the Qatari way to the rest of the world.

Under development

Saudipidya is a multilingual encyclopedia that seeks to cover all areas of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Under development


Omanpidya is a multilingual encyclopedia that aims to cover every aspect of Oman.

Under development


Wordpidya, ne of the most promising brands of Pidya group. The main focus of Wordpidya is to make writing and translating easier for everyone using cutting edge technology and AI.

Under development


Guidepidya, the newest member of Pidya group with the aim to provide All in one solution for city guides, maps and a lot more!

Under development

About Abdullah Habib

Abdullah Habib is the founder of Pidya group. An Egyptian citizen who resides in Turkey, Eskisehir.

Habib has a passionate for knowledge, an engineering student who speaks 3 languages fluently and learning 2 more.

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